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Planetary Gearbox

Planetary Gearboxes is an old mechanics fundamental that is still being used for new leading innovative technology like 3D printing, and new methods of transport. The planetary gearbox is one in which the output and input shafts are aligned. Its basic function is to transfer the maximum amount of torque with the least amount of space. The gear system consists of a reduction state, an acceleration mode, and coupling. No one knows who invented the planetary gearbox, but it has been in use since the 15th century. The planetary gear gets its name from the way it looks while it functions. There is a sun gear in the middle attached to ring gears. As the sun gear rotates, it also moves the ring gears. The sun gears are called input shaft, whereas the carrier and ring gears are called output.

The planetary gearbox works in the ratios from 1.5:1 to 12000:1. In a 3:1 system, there are three ring gears and one sun gear and is called a one-stage planetary gearbox. In ratios of above 5:1, a two-stage planetary gearbox is used. In a 3:1 system, the sun gear is very big, compared to the ring gear, and in the 10:1 system, the sun gear is much smaller than the ring gears. The ratios are in absolute integers. The planetary gearbox system is very precisely placed together, but it still creates friction due to the moving parts inside – sun gear and ring gear. These need lubrication from time to time from oil, gel, or grease. This requirement is present in most moving mechanical machines.

To know what a planetary gearbox does? And it’s advantages? Check our blog here – https://www.ever-power.net/what-does-a-planetary-gearbox-do-and-its-advantages/

Planetary Gearbox Products Display

There are many showcased benefits of using a gearbox like- three-fold torque compared to the normal gearbox, absolute ratios, low inertia, high efficiency, closed system, etc. The planetary gearbox has its applications in many places. It can be used to increase torque in a robot, to reduce speed in printing press rollers, for positioning, and in packaging machines to name a few.
Buying a gearbox depends on the planned use of the gearbox. There are a certain number of things to keep in mind like – torque, backlash, ratio, corrosion, resistance, noise level, delivery time, price, and availability. There might be other requirements that are different for each buyer.
A planetary gearbox is a medieval tool reincarnated in modern form. That itself says a lot about the usefulness and application of the device. It’s an efficient device for the work it performs and has stood the test of time, without getting obsolete.

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Ever-Power have many years of experience in Planetary Gearboxes, we produce very high quality planetary gearboxes with very competitive prices. Planetary Gearboxes have been designed for different transmission .
The power is transmitted form the motor to sun gearboxes. The sun gearboxes drives three Planetary Gearboxes, which are contained within an internal toothed ring gearboxes. The Planetary Gearboxes are mounted on the planetary carrier. The planetary carrier is part output shaft. So when the sun gearboxes rotates, it drives the three Planetary Gearboxes inside the ring gearboxes.
As Planetary Gearboxes rotate with carries and automatically the highest torque and stiffness for a given envelope. The other significant advantages are simple and efficient lubrication and a balanced system at high speeds. The balanced planetary kinematics and the associated load sharing makes the planetary-type gearboxes truly ideal for servo applications.
Modular concept, allows us to after particularly short delivery time for gearboxes with a constantly high standard of quality whether your applications requires a reducer for motors, Let our term of engineers work for you.

There are three main components in a planetary gearbox: the sun gear, the planet gears and the ring gear. The gears are attached to the planet carrier that has teeth on the inside, which is the ring gear.

Planetary gearboxes are able to produce many different reduction ratios because of the different planet gears that revolve around the sun gear. Planetary gearboxes are constructed of heavy duty metal such as steel and are able to handle large shock loads well. However, different planetary gearboxes are designed for specific speed, load and torque capacities. The predominant use for planetary gearboxes is in motor vehicles with automatic transmissions. Unlike manual transmission, in which the operator is responsible for switching gears, automobiles that have automatic transmissions use clutches, brake bands and planetary gearboxes to change the inputs and outputs, thereby adjusting the speeds accordingly.

An automatic transmission contains two complete planetary gearsets placed together into one component. Planetary gearboxes are also used in electric screwdrivers, sprinklers and applications that require large or multiple reductions from a compact mechanism. Planetary gearboxes are one of many variations of speed reducers and it is important that the right mechanism is used. Gearboxes may even be combined to produce the desired results and the most common kinds are helical gear reducers, worm gear reducers and inline gear reducers.

Planetary gearboxes gain their advantages through their design. The sun gear’s central position allows the planet gears to rotate in the same direction and for the ring gear (the edge of the planet carrier) to turn the same way as the sun gear. In some arrangements the sun gear can simultaneously turn all the planets as they also engage the ring gear. Any of the three components may be the input, the output or held stationary, which results in many different reduction ratio possibilities.

In many planetary gearboxes one component is held stationary with another component serving as the input and the other as output. The reduction ratios for planetary gearboxes are dependent upon the number of teeth in the gears and what components are engaged. Generally, the load ability and torque increases with the number of planets in the system because the load is distributed among the gears and there is low energy waste; planetary gearboxes are highly efficient, averaging between 96 and 98%. The design is complex, however, and difficult to access for repairs or maintenance.

Application Of Our Planetary Gearboxes


Planetary Gearbox for AGV system

AGV Reducer, AGV Gearbox


Construction Machinery

The gearbox is a vital mechanical part for construction machinery. Built to the highest quality standards, our planetary gearheads have won the recognition and trust of our customers. Our gear units can be used on various construction machines, such as tower cranes, crawler cranes, beam carriers, excavators, graders, concrete mixing plants, asphalt pavers, bridge machines, milling machines and other equipment. They are essential transmission components for bridge and road construction machines and all kinds of mining machines.

Planetary Gearboxes - Planetary Gear head for aerial work platform

Planetary Gear head for aerial work platform

Planetary Gearboxes - Planetary Gear head for shield machine

Planetary Gear head for shield machine

Wind Turbines

Our planetary gear units are installed in wind turbines all over the world including China, Europe, the United States, and India. Our products are capable of withstanding cold, heat, high altitude, ocean climate and other harsh natural environments tests, which is especially important to applications on wind power generation turbines. We recommend using our NB700L4 series gear speed reducer for wind turbines.

Planetary Gearboxes - Planetary for aerial work platform

Planetary for aerial work platform

Planetary Gearboxes - Planetary Gearhead for aerial work platform

Planetary Gear head for aerial work platform

Metallurgical Mining Machinery

In the metallurgical industry, a stably and reliably running gearbox can determine whether the entire production line can work properly. Failure of the gear set can lead to serious consequences. Usually, the gearhead works even in heavy-duty, high shock load, high or low speed, high temperature, high pollution, and other harsh operating environments.

Equipped with high-performance bearings, our gear reducers can meet the demanding needs of the metallurgical industry. The gearbox can be used on crushing machines, grinding machines, dryers, sand making machines, vibrating feeders, grab steel machines, crawler loaders, and other metallurgical and mining machines.

Planetary Gearboxes - Planetary Gearbox for hydraulic side dump rock loader

Planetary Gearbox for hydraulic side dump rock loader

Planetary Gearboxes - Planetary Gearbox for traction mechanism

Planetary Gearbox for traction mechanism

Marine Machinery

Marine machines usually work at -20℃ ~+ 45℃ temperatures, and the gearboxes for them require specific material properties to properly perform their mechanical functions. In addition to marine cranes, our gear units can also be used on bridge cranes, tire cranes, gantry cranes, belt conveyors, unloading machines, palletizing machines, marine windlass, boarding bridges, offshore cranes, and other shipboard equipment.

Planetary Gearboxes - Gear Unit for deck crane

Gear Unit for deck crane

Planetary Gearboxes - Gear Unit for deck crane 1

Gear Unit for deck crane

Solar Power Generation Equipment

There are significant environmental benefits to solar energy use. Most of our planetary reducers can be used for equipment used in solar power plants, such as solar trackers, solar tracker slewing drives, and solar battery panels. We recommend using our NB300L4, NB301L4, NB303L4, and NB305L4 gearboxes for solar power plants.

Planetary Gearboxes - Solar Power Generation Equipment 1

Solar Power Generation

Planetary Gearboxes - Solar Power Generation Equipment 2

Solar Power Generation

Agricultural Machinery

Today, farming is largely mechanized and in some cases automated. Large tractors, motor graders, combines, rolling machines, and irrigation machines are commonly involved in farm work. A variety of our gear drives are suitable for installation in these large machines.

We can provide high-quality gearboxes for large agricultural machinery. Our power transmission products are standardized, serialized, with reliable performance. We have a variety of models available for customers to choose. If you need to customize specific gear units, we can provide products tailored to your specifications.

Planetary Gearboxes - planetary for Agricultural Machinery

for Agricultural Machinery

Oilfield Equipment

Petroleum exploitation involves the use of oil rigs, pumping units, oil well logging winches and other equipment. In addition to moderate climates for oil and gas drilling, these machines are also used in harsh environments such as deserts, rocky areas, marshes, shoals, oceans and places with severely cold temperatures. These environmental conditions require the gear speed reducer to be capable of heavy-duty operation. Our gearboxes are qualified for use in petroleum exploitation no matter the condition.

Planetary Gearboxes - Planetary gearbox for Oilfield Equipment

Planetary gearbox for Oilfield Equipment

Planetary Gearboxes - Planetary gearbox for Oilfield Equipment 1

for Oilfield Equipment

Cement Machinery

The technological progress in making gear units should focus on high efficiency, low energy consumption, low pollution and further enhancement of operational reliability and life extension. Our planetary gearboxes are equipped with bearings with high load capacity, so as to meet your special requirement for applications in cement industry.

Planetary Gearboxes - Planetary Gearbox for mixers

Planetary Gearbox for mixers

Planetary Gearboxes - Planetary Gearbox for concrete pump truck

Planetary Gearbox for concrete pump truck

Environmental Machinery

Gear speed reducers are widely used in centrifuges, mixers, garbage compactors, and other machines used for environmental purposes. High-quality gearboxes can improve the operational stability of the machines and keep them running in excellent condition. Environmental machines are generally supposed to be capable of long-term operation. Our high-performance gear sets meet that requirement and provide a full set of advantages as well with their strength and energy saving capabilities.

Planetary Gearboxes - Gear Speed Reducer for centrifuge

Gear Speed Reducer for centrifuge

Planetary Gearboxes - Gear Speed Reducer for garbage compactor

Gear Speed Reducer for garbage compactor

Packaging Machinery

Ever-power gear reducers play a fundamental role in packaging equipment use. Different aspects of packaging machinery, such as conveyors and lifts, utilize our gear reducers for operation. Bakery, filling, special packaging, and palletizing are all aspects of packaging machinery that involve our gear reducer

Planetary Gearboxes - Packaging Bottles

Packaging Bottles

Planetary Gearboxes - Packaging Boxes

Packaging Boxes

Mixing Equipment

Our gear reducers are used in mixing equipment meant for both consumer products and food processing production Ever-power gear reducers are manufactured to function efficiently and smoothly for use in extreme conditions, suitable for use in the food and consumer products industries.

Planetary Gearboxes - Mixing Equipment

Mixing Equipment

Bucket Conveyors

Our gear reducers are also used to operate a variety of equipment in the food processing industry, including bucket conveyors. Companies rely on our products for safe and effective operation of their machinery.

Planetary Gearboxes - Bucket Conveyors

Bucket Conveyors

Boat Lifts

We are located in sunny Florida and have Ever-power Boat Lift splenty of customers that rely on us for their boat lifts. As boats are taken in and out of the water, our gear reducers help move the boat in and out as needed

Planetary Gearboxes - Boat Lifts

Boat lifts


You may be surprised to learn that our gear speed reducers are used in retractable theatre and gymnasium setups. Seating systems, curtains, and basketball hoops utilize our products to efficiently function and provide organizations with ease of use. In addition to the variety of uses mentioned above, our products are used in traffic control gates, machines that pour, shrink wrappers, cranes, hoists, elevators, and grain silos. As you can see, our gear speed reducers are vital to the success of different industries. To learn more about how our gear reducers can benefit your business, contact us here.

Planetary Gearboxes - Gymnasium


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