What does a planetary gearbox do? And it’s advantages?

In this blog post, we are trying to cover the basics of planetary gearboxes, their advantages and how they actually can help increase torque, their main application.

Planetary Gearboxes For Feed Mixer

What does a planetary gearbox do?

A planetary gearbox is a gearbox system consisting of an input shaft and an output shaft.

They are aligned in such a way as to transfer the largest torque in the most compact form (known as torque density).

The name planetary gearbox came from the fact of how different gears move together.

In space planetary system, we see a sun (solar) gear, satellite (ring) gear and two or more planet gears.

The sun-gear is at the centre and drives the system. Thus, it acts as the inner shaft and moves the planet gears, which are locked in the planet gears patterns forming the output shaft.

The satellite gears have a fixed position about the outside world. All this looks similar to our planetary solar system and that is where the name comes from.

What helped was that ancient gear constructions were used extensively in astrology for mapping and following our celestial bodies.

The planetary gearbox is usually used in the transmission system:

  • In a robot to increase the torque
  • In a printing press to reduce the speed of the rollers
  • For precise positioning
  • In a packaging machine for reproducible products
  • In large agricultural machinery

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How do you make a planetary gearbox?

The skills required to manufacture planetary gears are the same as those required for any other type of precision gear manufacturing. Ever-Power is a leading precision gear manufacturer specializing in supplying high-quality custom cut and ground gears. We have an extensive portfolio of gear production capabilities which includes the ability to produce all of the individual gears that make up a planetary gear system. For specific manufacturing capabilities such as minimum and maximum diameter, pitch diameter, and face width, please visit our gear production capabilities page.

What are the advantages of planetary gears?

The planetary gear units consist of sun, planet carrier and crown/ring. How could we classify their elements?

  • Sun: It’s the central gear. Has the larger size and rotates on the central axis.
  • The planet carrier: It holds up to 3 gears of the same size and meshes with the sun gear.
  • Crown or ring: It’s an outer ring (with teeth on its inner side) coordinates with the satellites and contains the whole epicyclical train. The core can also become a centre of rotation for the outer ring, allowing it to easily change directions.

The main advantages of the planetary gearbox are

  1. Increased repeatability: Greater speed radial and axial load offer reliability and robustness while minimizing the misalignment of the gear. There is also the added advantage of uniform transmission and low-level vibrations at different loads providing perfect repeatability/reliability of action or activity.
  2. Perfect precision: The angular stability of the system improves the accuracy and reliability of the movement resulting in better control and performance of the system where the gearbox is being used.
  3. Lower noise level due to increased surface contact.
  4. Increased durability: Rigid and rolling system improves the lifetime of the system.
  5. High-efficiency: Planetary reducers give improved efficiency due to its design and minimal internal layout losses during operation.
  6. Increased torque transmission: With more teeth in contact, the mechanism can transmit and withstand more torque. Also, it does it more uniformly.
  7. Maximum versatility: Its mechanism is contained in a cylindrical gearbox, which can be installed in almost any space.

What are the causes of planetary gears failures?

The planetary gearbox is exposed to high-speed reduction mostly because of their capability and compact size.

  1. Faulty design is not only the reason for gearbox failure,
  2. The manufacturing process quality and material handling process can also be the reasons for failure.

Hence, why purchasing the planetary gear system it is recommended to buy from a high-quality precision manufacturer such as Ever-Power.

How do planetary gears increase torque?

A planetary gearhead takes a high-speed, low-torque input, from, for example, an electric motor, and increases the torque while reducing the speed of operation. This is done with the help of gearhead ratio.

This lets motors run at higher, more-efficient RPMs in equipment even while operating at low speeds.

This is one of the biggest application as at low speeds, most motors become unreliable in terms of speed, torque and overall operation in general.

A planetary gearbox also reduces inertia reflected back to the motor. This helps with increasing the stability of the system in which the electric motor is being used.

And also by using a planetary gearhead often provides machine builders with the ability to reduce the overall size and cost of motion-control hardware in the system they are customizing.

Hope we have helped you with understanding the basics of planetary gearboxes and their main advantages.

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