Timing Pulley

Timing Pulleys

Timing pulleys are a special kind of pulley with either teeth or pockets around the outside diameter of the pulley body. These teeth or pockets are used for timing and not for power transmission. The timing pulleys mate with the same pitch timing belts in synchronous drives. These pulleys are drive components that are used to transmit rotary motion between the parallel axis. The pulleys manufactured by ever-power provide reliable performance with very little maintenance. Occasionally the only required maintenance is the periodic adjustment of belt tension.

Ever-power offers timing pulleys and matching belts with various profiles due to differences in pitch, size and tooth shape.
We offer a wide range of timing pulley that is available in customized as well as standard design as per client’s requirement. We aim to offer a qualitative range of “timing pulley” that are fabricated and manufactured as per international standards and are extremely easy to install.

Advantages of Timing Pulleys

– Eliminates slippage
– Less bearing load
– Fewer space requirements
– Smoother running
– Less maintenance
– Economical
– Minimum backlash
– Energy savings

Ever-power manufactures several types of standard pulleys to meet most of your application needs. The standard timing pulleys manufactured by us include:

1/5″ Pitch XL Series

Our XL series pulleys are quick and easy to install and adjustment. These are widely used in milling machines, gear shaper, drilling machines, and other machinery transmission occasions.

L Series, 3/8 Pitch Timing Pulley

Our L series Timing Pulleys come in different varieties and selection, ensuring one to fit your needs. Our policy is to create a timing pulley that is complete, requiring no secondary work on the part of our customers.

5mm Pitch HTD Timing Pulley

These pulleys are reinforced with metal inserts to offer the lightweight advantages of nylon along with the advantages of a metal-to-metal connection at the hub. This combination gives a high strength-to-weight ratio and low inertia.

8mm Pitch HTD Timing Pulley

8mm Pitch HTD Timing Pulley is injection molded to rigid standards for true design pitch, giving you the precision you need.

Power grip GT2 Timing Pulley

These pulleys are well-suited for applications that demand high load carrying capacity, as well as precision indexing or registration.

we are enthusiastically efficient in bringing forth a wide collection of timing pulleys. The experts at Ever-power have the knowledge and experience to design and produce timing pulleys for your system that will provide highly accurate, repeatable product results. Our in-depth understanding of the design requirements for timing pulleys will ensure that your automated system will last for the maximum number of cycles possible.

Timing belt pulleys with pilot bores
Standard toothed bars
Timing belt pulleys with taper bores
Metric Pitch Timing belt pulleys with pilot bores
Standard toothed bars ( Metric Pitch)
“AT” Metric Pitch Timing belt pulleys with pilot bores
Standard toothed bars ( Metric Pitch “AT”)
HTD Timing belt pulleys with pilot bores
HTD Standard toothed bars
HTD Timing belt pulleys with Taper bores
Timing Pulleys (European Standard)
Timing Pulleys ( Pilot Bore)
XL037, L050, L075, L100, H075, H100, H150, H200, H300, XH200, XH300, XH400
Flanges for Pulleys

Timing Pulleys ( Taper Bore)
Form of Timing pulleys
L050, L075,L100, H100,H150, H200,H300
Catalog of Standard Toother Bars
HTD Timing Belt Pulleys
Form of HTD Timing Pulleys
3M-09, 3M-15, 5M-09, 5M-15, 5M-25, 8M-20, 8M-30, 8M-50, 8M-85, 14M-40, 14M-55, 14M-85, 14M-115, 14M-170
HTD Taper bore Timing Pulleys
Form of HTD Taper bore timing pulleys
8M-20, 8M-30, 8M-50, 8M-85, 14M-40, 14M-55, 14M-85, 14M-115,
Metric Pitch Timing Pulleys
T2.5, T5(1), T5(2), T10(1), T10(2),
Standard Toothed Bars T2.5, T5, T10
Metric Pitch for Belts
BAT5(1), BAT5(2), BAT10(1), BAT10(2), BAT10(3)
Standard Toother Bar BAT5, Bat10

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