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Timing Pulley

A timing belt pulley, also called a cog belt pulley, is used in applications where the positional relationship of the driving pulley to the driven pulley must remain constant and where the torque requirements necessitate a cog belt pulley system. A timing pulley has cogs that match the spacing of the timing belt. The number of cogs on the driving pulley and the driven pulley determine rotation ratio between the two pulleys. A cog belt pulley acts similarly to a gear but allows a greater distance between the driving shaft and the driven shaft than gears allow. Where torque requirements are high, timing belt pulleys may have multiple rows of cogs and use multiple belts. When choosing a timing pulley, consider the environment in which the belt pulley is used and the load requirements of the driven pulley. Aluminum and stainless steel timing belt pulleys each have their own advantages. Timing pulleys have keyways that align with the keyway on a splined shaft.

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