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Pintle Chain 400/662/700/800/ 900 Class

There are several different classes of pintle chain, 400, 600, 700, 800, and 900 class pintle chains. Each class is used in different types of applications and are typically in stock.

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There are several different classes of pintle chains, 400, 600, 700, 800, and 900 class pintle chains. Each class is used in different types of applications and is typically in stock.

400 Class Pintle Chain


400 class pintle chains are carved from one piece of cast counteract link construction connected by steel pins. The pins stay intact against sidebars with the help of a head stopper, the stopper provides the maximum locking effect when the chain is under load. The construction ensures the durability of the chain by allowing the pins to link inside the barrel. 

400 Class pintle chains are manufactured with high-quality cast offset-style links and hardened steel pins. These chains are available from stock with standard cotters or can be supplied with stainless steel cotters for extremely abrasive applications. Typically these chains are found in agricultural applications, water treatment facilities, conveying and drive applications, forestry, grain handling, and many more! We also offer a full line of sprockets, attachments, and other accessories for 400-class pintle chains.
Chain Size Pitch Ultimate Strength Pin Diameter (E) Sidebar Height (F) Barrel Diameter (H) Weight
442 1.375" 7,800 LBS 0.31" 0.75" 0.56" 1.4 LBS/ FT
445 1.603" 7,800 LBS 0.31" 0.75" 0.62" 1.5 LBS/ FT
452 1.506" 9,100 LBS 0.38" 0.84" 0.69" 2.0 LBS/ FT
455 1.630" 9,490 LBS 0.38" 0.84" 0.62" 1.9 LBS/ FT
462 1.634" 11,700 LBS 0.44" 0.94" 0.72" 2.5 LBS/ FT
477 2.308" 12,480 LBS 0.44" 1.00" 0.72" 2.0 LBS/ FT
488 2.609" 14,300 LBS 0.44" 0.94" 0.88" 2.9 LBS/ FT
4103 3.075" 28,600 LBS 0.75" 1.50" 1.25" 5.7 LBS/ FT
4124 4.060" 33,000 LBS 0.81" 1.75" 1.72" 8.5 LBS/ FT
Note: Additional information and dimensions are available on product pages.

600 Class Pintle Chain Ley Bushed chains
600 Class Pintle Chain Ley Bushed chains

600-class are the most commonly used type, due to its durability, superior performance, and high strength, they are best for elevated potency, long and smooth operation.

Our 600-class pintle chains offer superior performance, strength, and durability versus other 600 class steel pintle chains. We offer both an import and domestically made in USA version of these chains. These are the most commonly used type of pintle chains because they offer such high strengths and long operations. These chains are typically found in agricultural applications, sand spreaders, manure spreaders, salt spreaders, conveyors, forage harvesters, baggers, live bottom trailers, and many more applications. If you need a complete trailer assembly with welded attachments or slats we can provide those, we also stock 600 class pintle chain sprockets, attachments, and chain breakers.

600 Class Pintle Chain Ley Bushed chains

Our 600-Class Pintle Chain Benefits:
Fully heat-treated parts
Quad-staked pins
Open barrel design
Smooth operation
Chain Size Pitch Ultimate Strength Sidebar Height (B) Sidebar Thickness (C) Pin Diameter (D) Weight
662 1.664" 12,500 LBS 0.720" 0.125" 0.281" 1.05 LBS/ FT
667H 2.313" 14,000 LBS 0.875" 0.125" 0.312" 1.17 LBS/ FT
667X 2.250" 23,000 LBS 0.938" 0.170" 0.437" 1.86 LBS/ FT
667XH 2.250" 28,000 LBS 1.050" 0.225" 0.465" 2.8 LBS/ FT
667J 2.250" 20,600 LBS 0.937" 0.170" 0.375" 1.81 LBS/ FT
88K 2.609" 29,000 LBS 1.063" 0.200" 0.437" 2.3 LBS/ FT
88XH 2.609" 38,000 LBS 1.138" 0.252" 0.500" 3.32 LBS/ FT
88C 2.609" 38,000 LBS 1.138" 0.252" 0.500" 3.32 LBS/ FT
308C 3.075" 52,000 LBS 1.500" 0.315" 0.625" 5.65 LBS/ FT
58 4.000" 50,000 LBS 1.500" 0.310" 0.625" 5.5 LBS/ FT
Note: Additional information and dimensions available on product pages.

Pintle Chain Cross Reference

Part# Manufacture 1 Manufacture 2 Manufacture 3
662 D662 AL662 P662
667H D667H AL667H P667H
667X D667X AL667X P667X
667XH D667XH AL667XH P667XH
88K D88K AL88K P88K
88C D88C AL88C P88C

600-Class Steel Pintle Chain Attachments

Steel Pintle Chain Attachments
We offer an extensive range of attachments for 600-class pintle chains. Our standard attachments include AE, AES, AK1, AS, SEF, G30S, G38, G50, K1, KG30S, and more. We stock pre-assembled standard attachment pintle chains and can supply a complete custom attachment chain with the specific attachment and spacing within a few days.

600-Class Steel Pintle Chain Sprockets

Our 600 class pintle chain sprocket inventory ranges in tooth count, hub type (A-plate, B-Hub, Chub), bore size, and sprocket material (cast or steel). Also if we don't have the exact sprocket you need in stock, or if the sprocket is a custom part, we can manufacture it!

700 Class Pintle Chain Water Treatment Chain

700 Class Pintle Chain Water Treatment Chain

700 Class pintle chains are primarily used in clarifiers, bar screens, DAF, API, and other conveying applications. We offer cast, steel, plastic, and stainless steel 700 class pintle chains and a complete line of attachments and sprockets.
700 Class Pintle Chain Water Treatment Chain
Chain Size Pitch Ultimate Strength Pin Diameter (E) Sidebar Height (H) Barrel Diameter (D) Weight
720 6.00" 28,600 LBS 0.690" 1.500" 1.380" 4.2 LBS/ FT
NM720 6.00" 6,000 LBS 0.875" 2.220" 1.465" 1.5 LBS/ FT
720S 6.00" 40,000 LBS 0.750" 1.560" 1.440" 5.2 LBS/ FT
MS720S 6.00" 42,000 LBS 0.750" 1.560" 1.440" 6.2 LBS/ FT
SS715 6.00" 33,000 LBS 0.562" 1.620" 1.880" 3.9 LBS/ FT
SS700 6.00" 33,000 LBS 0.569" 1.891" 1.578" 3.9 LBS/ FT
SS701 5.844" 19,000 LBS 0.453" 1.453" 1.219" 2.2 LBS/ FT
730 6.00" 40,000 LBS 0.750" 1.750" 1.500" 6.0 LBS/ FT
MS730 6.00" 40,000 LBS 0.750" 1.750" 1.500" 6.3 LBS/ FT
788 2.609" 22,750 LBS 0.560" 1.190" 0.880" 4.6 LBS/ FT
NCS720S 6.00" 6,000 LBS 0.93" 2.03" 1.44" 1.5 LBS/ FT
NM720S 6.00" 6,500 LBS 0.932" 2.250" 1.438" 1.6 LBS/ FT
SAV715 6.00" 33,000 LBS 0.569" 1-37/64" 1.024" 3.9 LBS/ FT
SAV709 5.844" 19,000 LBS 0.453" 1-7/32" 0.882" 2.2 LBS/ FT

800 Class Pintle Chain


800-class is more durable and robust, and the construction is the same, but the pins are specially designed to prevent breakage as they are used in heavy-duty works such as elevating and mining applications. 

This class of pintle chain is used in elevating and mining applicants. It features a specially designed pin and cotter to prevent breakage, and if breakage occurs, the chain will remain intact. We can also supply 800 class pintle chain sprockets and elevator buckets.
Chain Size Pitch Ultimate Strength Barrel Diameter (B) Barrel Length (C) Sidebar Height (F) Weight
844HD 6.00" 204,800 LBS 2.38" 3.88" 3.13" 30.0 LBS/ FT
844LD 6.00" 84,600 LBS 1.75" 3.50" 2.13" 14.1 LBS/ FT
844MD 6.00" 140,600 LBS 1.75" 3.50" 2.06" 16.2 LBS/ FT
844RD 6.00" 124,000 LBS 2.00" 3.50" 2.25" 17.0 LBS/ FT

900 Class Pintel Chain Sugar Mill Chian

900 Class Pintel Chain Sugar Mill Chian900 Class Pintel Chain Sugar Mill Chian

Chain Size Pitch Ultimate Strength Maximum Working Load Weight
907-E51 3.170" 32,500 LBS 5,000 LBS 12.2 LBS/ FT

What is the pintle chain? 

A pintle chain is a type of chain drive in which the links are held together by metal pins that maintain the rigidity of the sidebar link and retain themselves in the links. It comprises a series of links sufficient in number to make it long as the desired length. They are used to transmit mechanical power from one place to another. 


The chain consists of a series of identical links, each comprising sidebars, and a cylindrical barrel. The sidebars are flared outward to give space between the flattened end portions and bars. The links are connected by pins having D-shape cross-sections which extend through an aligned opening in the respective tubular portions. 

Uses of pintle chain 

Pintle chains are used in the food processing apparatus. Non-corrosive chains are used in machines where corrosive chemicals are present. Links having smooth contours help in projecting sharp edges. They are highly used in agricultural applications. Water factories use the chain for water treatment facilities. It's used in conveyor belts for conveying and driving applications. They are also used in mining and elevating applications. The most common use of these chains is in vehicles, bicycles, etc. Some other machines where pintle chains are found are sand spreaders, manure spreaders, forage harvesters, baggers, live bottom trailers, forestry, grain handling, and many more.

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4. Bronze: C51000, C52100, C54400, etc
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6. Aluminum: Al6061, Al6063
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