Worm Reducer Installation

Wormwheel reduction gearboxes, Installation tips
Worm Reducer Installation - Mounting1
Clamp coupling
Worm Reducer Installation - Mounting2

A clamp coupling will help avoid damage to the shaft and will absorb mis-alignments.

Worm Reducer Installation - Mounting3
Gears, pulleys or sprockets mounted at the outer extremity of the shaft may lead to bending, and eventual failure
Worm Reducer Installation - Mounting4
L Mounting the gear, pulley or sprocket as near as possible to the gearbox body helps reduce leverage on the shaft, although shaft fatigue may still result.
Worm Reducer Installation - Mounting5
Mounting a bearing at the end of the shaft supports it and minimises the risk of bending, thus protecting the shaft.
Worm Reducer Installation - Mounting6
Ask us about any modifications to a shaft. We may be able to carry them out before assembly of the gearbox, thus avoiding possible damage to the reducing box due to re-machining

TORQUE: Calculation of the torque based on a life expectancy of 12 000 hours, working 12 hours per day (multiply the couple by a co-efficient of 0.75 in the case of 24/24h usage)


We can use special greases for use between 55°C and +155°C, as well as sealed bearings (2RS) up to +120°C..

MODIFICATIONS: We can equally modify the reducing gearboxes, add a keyway or channel for a circlip, modify a drive shaft. Contact us with your specifications?

All user modifications of a reducing gearbox will result in voiding the guarantee.

UTILISATION: It is recommended that a flexible coupling be used to link the reductor to the rest of the system.

Reducing gearboxes are designed exclusively to reduce speeds, never to increase them. Because of this, we are unable to guarantee the operation of a reducing gearbox when used inversely as a multiplier.

GREASING: Reducing gearboxes are greased for life, and are completely maintenance free. In case re-greasing is necessary, do not overfill with grease, this could block the gears and cause overheating.

Worm Reducer Installation - ETypegb

Worm Reducer working factor and installation precautions

Service factor

Worm Reducer Installation - Worm reducer installation 1

To install the reduction unit it is necessary to note the following recommendations

Worm Reducer Installation - Worm reducer installation 2

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