Salt Spreader Sprocket Chain Gearbox for Road Snow Removal

Replacement Gearbox For Your Salt Spreader
At ever-power, we strive to make your salt spreader work harder. That means finding the highest quality replacement gearbox for your salt spreader. Whether you own a commercial, residential, walk-behind, tailgate, or hopper salt spreader, you’ll find a replaceable salt spreader gearbox to keep you powered this winter.

Gearbox for Road Snow Removal

Replacement Gearbox For Your Salt Spreader

At ever-power, we strive to make your salt spreader work harder. That means finding the highest quality replacement gearbox for your salt spreader. Whether you own a commercial, residential, walk-behind, tailgate, or hopper salt spreader, you'll find a replaceable salt spreader gearbox to keep you powered this winter.
Replaces the gearbox with a 50:1 ratio and a 2" diameter shaft for your full-size salt spreader. Replacement 50:1 Gearbox with 2 Inch Shaft for Salt Spreaders

Salt Spreader Sprocket Chain Features:
Replaces the gearbox for your full-size salt spreader
Universal-drive component for hopper spreaders
Durable cast iron construction
Made in the USA
Gear ratio: 50:1
Shaft: 2" diameter
1-Year warranty


Compatible salt spreader model

Salt Spreader Sprocket Chain

This item is a gearbox assembly for Salt Dogg SCH Series of Salt Spreaders and it comes with the sprocket.

Fits: Salt Dogg SCH072SS, SCH072SSX, SCH096C, SCH096CX, SCH096SS, SCH096SSX, SCH120SS and SCH120SSX Spreaders

Salt Spreader Sprocket chain gearbox

Salt spreaders typically use American Pintler Chain Sizes 662, 667H, 667X, 667XH, 88K, and 88C. We stock a full line of these pintle chain sprockets and can supply them with either cast or steel material options. We also have idler salt spreader sprockets that are manufactured with sealed bearings or bronze bushings depending on the application.

Besides the sprockets, we also supply chains, bearings, shafting, gearboxes, motors, and UHMW wear panels. To get a quote on salt spreader conveyor chain assemblies or for additional information simply give us a call or email

Exploded View Of The Salt Spreader

The following is an exploded view of the salt spreader to better help you understand the relationship between the gearbox and the salt spreader

①Hopper base assembly ②Gearbox assembly ③Driveshaft with 2 bearings ④Gate control assembly ⑤Impeller⑥Wheels with hardware⑦Handle grips⑧Hardware blister kit⑨Salt baffles⑩Rear baffle⑪Rain cover⑫Auger

Salt Spreader

How a Salt Spreader Works

A salt spreader is a device used to distribute solid materials on the road. The salt spreader is mounted on the rear of the vehicle and disperses salt or sand while the vehicle is in motion. Typically, operators will use sodium chloride as solid rock salt. Calcium chloride, potassium chloride, and magnesium chloride are other options.

How a Salt Spreader Works

Salt spreaders typically use an electric motor to drive a rotating disk that spreads the salt. Check the motor electrical connections for corrosion and damage to the motor wires. If you use larger truck bed plug-in salt spreaders, these will have a conveyor chain or auger driven by another motor.


After installing the spreader on the truck, the operator fills the hopper with salt and turns it on. The operator controls the auger and rotator from the cab to adjust how much material is spread per mile. The auger pulls materials such as salt from the hopper to the discharge chute. The rotating disk distributes the salt over a wide area.

During the deicing phase, spreaders are used to spread salt on the road. Deicing occurs after snow and ice have accumulated and bonded to the surface. The salt isn't there to melt the snow, it's to keep it from sticking to the sidewalk. It can be difficult to remove ice from the road without the use of de-icing materials and is not suitable for plows. De-icing chemicals must be used to break the bond between the ice and the road.

How to maintain your salt spreader?

continuous maintenance
There is no better way to avoid unexpected failures mid-season than to constantly monitor the condition of the spreader and its components.

1. Lubricate all connections!
Continuously monitor and lubricate all electrical connections. Exposure to salt and snow all season makes these connections susceptible to corrosion. Because many of the connectors and retaining rings used throughout the spreader are made of metal.

2. Empty and clean the spreader after each use
Empty the salt spreader hopper and clean the spreader. This can usually be done with water using a pressure washer. Cleaning your spreader will help prevent your spreader from jamming or jamming. Allowing salt to lock your spreader can damage moving parts as well as drive parts. It can also cause corrosion of any metal parts in the hopper.

3. Lubricate the driveshaft and rotary shaft bearings

rotary shaft bearingsLubricate the bearings on the idler shaft, driveshaft, and rotating shaft after every 10 hours of use. These parts help ensure that moving parts in your spreader drive system, agitation system, and the spreading system can move freely. If any of these bearings show signs of damage or wear, you should replace them.

4. Lubricate the gearbox bearings and check the oil
Salt spreader gearboxSalt spreader gearbox
After every 50 hours of use, it's time to check your spreader gearbox. Check and lubricate input shaft bearings. Replace them if they seem damaged or worn. You also need to check the transmission oil level after every 50 hours of use to make sure it matches the oil level in the filler hole.

5. Check the drive components
First, check your spinner drive assembly to make sure the terminals on the spinner motor are free of corrosion and check the electrical connections. If applicable, check spreader drive belt tension to maintain proper belt tension according to the manufacturer's specifications. If you have a conveyor belt spreader, check the tension of the conveyor chain.

PTO Shafts and Agricultural Gearboxes

A PTO shaft is an integral part of any agricultural gearbox. These are used in all types of agricultural machinery and are designed to transmit power to the wheels. Different kinds of shafts have different functions and are designed to support a variety of power outputs. Domestic PTO shafts are the most common and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are designed to withstand pressure, impact, and tension. Moreover, they feature a slip clutch and shear pin, which protect them from common obstacles.

In order to determine the right size of the shaft, measuring the existing shaft's closed position is essential. This way, he will be able to choose the right series. It is important to know whether the shaft is equipped with clutches or shear pins. If the shaft is equipped with implement ends, he should also know the length of the shaft. If the shaft is a universal type, the length should be identical to the width of the shaft.

Ever power, a reliable mechanical transmission parts manufacturer and factory in China, offers various series options and several choices for agricultural gearboxes. If you need a universal joint PTO shaft for agricultural gearbox and other farm machinery, contact us now!



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2. Steel:C45(K1045), C46(K1046),C20
3. Brass:C36000 ( C26800), C37700 ( HPb59), C38500( HPb58), C27200(CuZn37), C28000(CuZn40)
4. Bronze: C51000, C52100, C54400, etc
5. Iron: 1213, 12L14,1215
6. Aluminum: Al6061, Al6063
7.OEM according to your request
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