PTO U Joint

A PTO U-joint, also known as a PTO cross kit, usually used to transmit rotational motion. It is composed of a pair of hinges close together, which are connected by a cross shaft in the direction of 90 °.

PTO Cross-Type Universal Joint

A PTO universal joint cross kit is a great way to ensure that your tractor's drive shaft is lubricated properly. Our PTO U-joints are interchangeable with standard cross and bearing sets available on the market. To ensure that you get the right PTO cross kit for your tractor, you should first determine which kind of driveline your vehicle has. Then, you can find a replacement or upgrade kit for your PTO.

To determine the right cross and bearing kit for your tractor, look at the diameter of the driveline's yokes. The u-joint is located at the tractor's end of the driveline. It features a snap ring located in the yoke ear and bushing. The shaft is a metal rod at the core of the driveline that connects the yoke to the implement.

PTO U Joint

PTO Universal Joint Sizes

Before buying a new PTO cross kit (PTO U-joint), it is essential to know what size driveline the tractor has. You can use the Bearing Cap Diameter and Cross-Kit Width to identify the size of your tractor's driveline. These measurements are located at the end of the driveline near the tractor. These measurements are usually the same, but some drivelines have different sizes. The width of a cross kit should be measured both ways.

Different models have different PTO u-joint sizes. This can result in misalignment of the driveline and faulty power transfer. The right cross kit is essential to ensure the safe operation of your machine. The following are the different PTO universal joint cross size chart. Ensure that you select the proper one for your machine. Once you've determined the size of your cross kit, you can find the exact replacement part. When you are installing a new cross kit, make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for fitting the cross shaft.

PTO Cross Kituniversal joint cross size chartPTO Cross KitTractor PTO u joint size chart

Universal joints allow a tractor drive shaft to move up and down with the suspension while the shaft is moving so power can be transmitted when the drive shaft isn't in a straight line between the transmission and drive wheels. Rear-wheel-drive vehicles have universal joints (or U-joints) at both ends of the drive shaft.

A propeller shaft, or propshaft, connects the rear axle to the gearbox on front-engined rear-wheel-drive cars. At each end of the propshaft there is a universal joint, which allows the rear axle to move up and down with the agricultural gearbox without bending or snapping the shaft.

PTO Shaft and Gearbox

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