NEMA 23 Stepper Motor Worm Gearbox

This worm gearbox is designed for Nema 23 Stepper Motor or other 57mmx57mm size motor, the output shaft is offset by 90° from the drive shaft. The advantage of this gearbox is its efficiency and self-locking. Besides big cases, no gap structure of box means a maintenance-free that is hermetically sealed. It prevents the lubricant from easily losing and going bad, and exchanging.


NEMA 23 Stepper Motor Gearbox Specifications

NEMA 23 Stepper Motor Gearbox

This worm gearbox is designed for Nema 23 Stepper Motor or other 57mmx57mm size motor, the output shaft is offset by 90° from the drive shaft. The advantage of this gearbox is its efficiency and self-locking. Besides big cases, no gap structure of box means a maintenance-free that is hermetically sealed. It prevents the lubricant from easily losing and going bad, and exchanging.

Gearbox Type Worm Gearbox
Gear Ratio 10:1
Efficiency 82%
Backlash at No-load <=1°
Output Max.Permissible Torque 18Nm(159.31lb-in)
Output Max. Radial Load 0.75kN
Output Type Hollow Bore
Output Bore Diameter Φ14mm
Input Shaft Type Keyway
Input Shaft Diameter Φ9mm
Input Shaft Max. Length 29mm

The output shaft is available, please contact our technical support for your requirements.
The gear ratios available for this gearbox are: 5:1, 7.5:1, 10:1, 15:1, 20:1, 25:1, 30:1, 40:1, 50:1, 60:1, 80:1 and 100:1.
Due to their relatively high backlash (1°), worm gearboxes are not suitable for positioning applications.

Wormwheel gearboxes go by several names, including 90-degree gearboxes, right-angle gearboxes, speed reducers, worm gear reducers, and worm drive gearboxes. Gear reduction boxes feature a gear arrangement in which a gear in the form of a screw, also known as a worm, meshes with a worm gear. These gears are typically made from bronze and the worms are steel or stainless steel.

While worm gears are similar to spur gear, the worm gearboxes are significantly smaller than other gear reduction boxes. A primary benefit of worm gear reducers is that they produce an output that is 90° from the input and can be used to transmit higher torque or reduce rotational speed. Most often, a worm gearbox has right-hand threads; to change the direction of the output, a left-hand threadworm gearbox is required.

Additional benefits of worm drive gearboxes include:
High reduction ratios
High torque multiplication
Quiet operation
Absorbs shock loads

NEMA 23 Stepper Motor Description

NEMA 23 is a high torque hybrid bipolar stepper motor with a 2.3×2.3 inch faceplate. This motor has a step angle of 1.8 deg., which means that it has 200 steps per revolution and for every step, it will cover 1.8°. The motor has four color-coded wires (Black, Green, Red & Blue) terminated with bare leads. Black and Green wire is connected with one coil; Red and Blue are connected with the other. This motor can be controlled by two H-bridges but it is recommended to use a stepper motor driver.

High torque stepper motor with NEMA 23 (56 mm) integrated connector. Sca5618 has three lengths and two different windings.
●Keep the torque up to 2.3 nm
●1.8 ° step angle
●Integrated connector

NEMA 23 Stepper Motor Gearbox

NEMA 23 Stepper Motor Gearbox
Nanotec's motor controller matches this motor perfectly.
A wide range of custom shaft and cable versions and custom products can be found in a separate solution.
Please note that:
The NEMA 23 stepper motor has one shaft end (... - a) or two shaft ends (... - b). There are two versions of the front axle (a-axis):
●Type A / B: a-axis with flattening device, length 24 mm, diameter 8 mm
●Version A2 / B2 / B3: a shaft without flattening, length 20.6 mm, diameter 6.35 mm (applicable to further shaft modification or installation of the gearbox)

How to use NEMA 23 Stepper Motor

As mentioned above this stepper motor draws a high current so instead of controlling it directly using H-bridges, use an appropriately powerful stepper motor driver. To know how to make this motor rotate we should look into the coil diagram below.

NEMA 23 Stepper Motor GearboxAs you can see from the above diagram this motor has four wires in different colors. This motor can be made to rotate only if the coils are energized in a logical sequence. This logical sequence can be programmed using a microcontroller or by designing a digital circuit.


Where Are Worm Gearboxes Used?

NEMA 23 Stepper Motor Gearbox

The worm gear is composed of the worm gear and gear (sometimes called worm gear). The shafts are 90 degrees to each other, not parallel or intersecting. The worm is similar to a screw with a V-shaped thread, and the gear is similar to a spur gear. The worm is usually the driving part. The thread of the worm pushes the teeth of the gear.
Like the ball screw, the worm in the worm gear may have one or more starts, which means that there are multiple threads or spirals on the worm. For the single start worm gear, the gear will advance one tooth for each complete revolution (360 degrees) of the worm gear. Therefore, a 24 tooth gear will provide a 24:1 gear reduction. For a multi-start worm, the gear reduction is equal to the number of teeth on the gear divided by the number of stars on the worm. (unlike most other types of gears, gear reduction is a function of the diameter of the two components.)
The meshing of worm and gear is a mixture of sliding and rolling, but sliding contact is dominant under a high reduction ratio. This sliding action generates friction and heat, which limits the efficiency of the worm gear from 30% to 50%. In order to minimize friction (and thus heat), worm gears and gears are made of different metals. For example, worm gears may be made of hardened steel and gears may be made of bronze or aluminum.
Although the sliding contact reduces efficiency, it provides a very quiet operation. (the use of different metals for worms and gear also helps to operate quietly.) This makes the worm gear suitable for use where noise should be minimized, such as in elevators. In addition, the use of softer materials means that the gear can absorb impact loads, such as those in heavy equipment or crushers.
The main advantage of the worm gear is that it can provide a high torque multiplication ratio. They can also be used as speed reducers in low to medium-speed applications. Moreover, since their reduction ratio is only based on the number of gear teeth, they are more compact than other types of gear. Like fine pitch lead screws, worm gears are usually self-locking, making them ideal for lifting and lifting applications.


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