Worm Gearbox

A worm gear reducer is a type of reduction gear that is used to convert high motor speed input into lower speed output while also maintaining high torque. The worm producer consists of a gear in the form of a screw meshed into the machine which outputs in the right angle orientation. The worm reducer is mostly made of bronze with steel or stainless steel worm. The size of the worm reducer is very small and sleek compared to other gear reducers which makes it very handy for rated motor speed and space problems.
Uses of Worm Reducer?
The worm reducers are applied in fields like tuning instruments, elevators, escalators, conveyor belts, medical equipment, power transmission systems, and security gates to name a few.
Benefits of worm reducer?
The basic benefit of the worm reducer is that it produces an output of ninety degrees to the input with higher torque and lower speed. In addition to the benefits of high-speed reduction and torque multiplication, the worm reducer also provides for shock absorption, quiet operation, smaller size, and the adjustable mounting position. This makes the worm reducer the best quality reducer for heavy applications.
Types of worm reducer?
There are 44 series of worm gear reducer classified according to transmission application.

These are further available in different ratios. The RV reducers are available in the ratios of 5:1 to 100:1. The worm reducers are also classified according to their uses and structure, some of them are – Shaft to bore, flange mount, NEMA flange, miniature, high- ratio reduction, compact, and molded glass-filled housing. You can also get it modified according to specific or particular needs.


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