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Precision Planetary Gearbox

The high precision planetary gearboxes that Ever-power provided are widely used in various motion control applications and are also found in a variety of industrial sectors. Its high precision planetary gear units are ideal for applications where high torque and precision are required. In addition to being highly reliable, these gear units also offer excellent performance, low maintenance costs, and compact size.

Precision Planetary Gearbox

Components of Precision Planetary Gearbox

1. Gearbox Housing & Flange: Aluminum-alloy Die Casting ADC12
2. Gearset: Precision Planetary Gear Set
Ring Gears: 40Cr
Planetary Gears: 20CrMnTi, Surface Hardness HRC58~62, Inner Hardness HRC33~40
3. Input Configurations:
Keyed Hollow Shaft with Motor Adaptor
4. Output Configurations:
Keyed Solid Shaft Output
Keyless Solid Shaft Output
5. Applicable Motors:
Servo Motors, Stepper Motors

Precision Planetary Gearbox Features

The precision planetary gearbox is a new generation of product developed by us, with a compromise of advanced technology both at home and abroad, its main features are as follows:

1.Low Noise: Under 65db.

2.Low Backlash: Backlash is under 3 arcmin. Backlash for 2-stage speed reduction is within 5 arcmin.

3.High Efficiency: Efficiency for 1-stage model exceeds 95%, For 2-stage model exceeds 92%.

4.High Input Speed: Input speed allows for up to 8000 RPM.

5.High Torque: Higher torque output than that of conventional planetary gear reducers.

b.High Stability: Employs high tensile strength alloy steel. Gear hardening is made for the entire gear instead of only surface hardening, which extends gear service life and maintain high accuracy as new after a long period of operation.

7.High Speed Reduction Ratio: The gear reducer is a modular design. The precision planetary gearbox can be connected.

Speed reduction ratio is over 1/1000.

Precision Planetary Gearbox Usage

Precision Planetary Gearbox is widely used in the following fields:

  1. Aerospace, military industry.
  2. Medical health, electronic information industry.
  3. Industrial robots, Production automation, CNC machine tool manufacturing industry.
  4. Motor, textile, printing, food, metallurgical, environmental protection engineering, warehouse logistics industry.

Types of Precision Planetary Gearbox at Ever-power

BAB Series

Precision Planetary GearboxPrecision Planetary Gearbox

BABR Series

Precision Planetary GearboxPrecision Planetary Gearbox

BAD Series

Precision Planetary Gearbox Precision Planetary Gearbox

BADR Series

Precision Planetary Gearbox Precision Planetary Gearbox

BAE Series

Precision Planetary Gearbox

BAF Series

Precision Planetary Gearbox


Precision Planetary Gearbox

Other information about Precision Planetary Gearbox

Precision Planetary Gearbox Installation Instructions

Jointing with reducer in case of jointing a reducer with the device, make sure that the combining site is plane without inconsistency, and when assembling reducer onto equipment, ensuring assembly surface smooth and without burt.

Exterior Color of Precision Planetary Gearbox

Shell + back cover:

  1. Champagne gold + black.
  2. Innovative blue + pearl silver.


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