Planetary Gearboxes For Concrete Mixer Trucks

EP Industries is a world-class producer of planetary gearboxes for Concrete Mixer Trucks: our mission is to create, develop and manufacture the most effective, reliable and silent gearboxes for every specific mixer application.

Since its foundation back in 1991, EP has been supplying its EP mixer truck gearboxes to leading manufacturers in China. EP is usually today the acknowledged world leader in the creation of gearboxes Planetary Gearboxes For Concrete Mixer Trucks - planetary gearboxes for concrete mixer trucks57241345439for cement mixer trucks. The reasons behind this success are the basic and solid design, the continuous selection of the very best components and the focus on details; as a result EP gearboxes constantly exceed clients’ expectation for durability, effectiveness and serviceability.

EP gearboxes cover the widest selection of applications on Mixer Trucks and Trailers: a lot more than 20 cubic meters drum capacity. EP is also with the capacity of supporting and managing the supply of complete transmission systems, which includes gearbox, hydraulic motor and pump, drinking water pump and other gadgets. Moreover, EP launched the Reverso series of gearboxes: a wise alternative to right angle drives. The Reverso gearboxes combine extremely compact dimensions, increased simplicity and performance, as these models are not adopting any bevel equipment stage.


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