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The shaft collar is a simple, yet important, machine component found in many power transmission applications, most notably motors and gearboxes. The collars are used as mechanical stops, locating components, and bearing faces. The simple design lends itself to easy installation.

Heavy Duty Shaft Collar
Shaft Collar with One split
inch Solid Shaft Collars
Shaft Collars with double splits

Inch Series

Solid Shaft Collars
Shaft Collars with one split
Shaft Collars with double splits
Shaft Collars with double splits (H)
Metric Series

Solid Shaft Collars

Shaft Collars with one split
Shaft Collars with double splits
Shaft Collar acc. to DIN705
Shaft Collar (H-AB Type)

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CT16V Turbocharger Actuator 17201-0L040 Turbo for 2006- Toyota Landcruiser

CT16V Turbocharger Actuator 17201-0L040 Turbo for 2006- Toyota LandcruiserMerchandise DescriptionComponent Quantity17201-0L040Previous Edition17201-0L040, 172010L040OE Number17201-30160, 17201-30100, 17201-30101, 1720130160, 1720130100,...

Shaft Collar, 5 8 Zinc Plated

Shaft Collar, five/8 Zinc Plated Productsaluminum shaft collar Stainless steel  , Aluminum , Brass,Copper ,carbon steel ,  titanium ,POM ,PEEK ,etc.CompleteSprucing , sandblasting , passivation , electroplating ,anodizing,powder coating , etcSize-800mm ,non-normal in...

China Precision Stainless Steel Rigid Shaft Collar

Item No.:5T072-23190Part Name:Collar, forty two.seven*19Application:Spare Components for Kubota Merge Harvester DC68 and D70Industry Focus:AgriculturalObserve:ALL Elements Detailed ARE FARMDISCOVER Areas, AND ARE NOT Manufactured BY THE Original Equipment Producer...

Corrosive Water Sea Water Long Shaft Vertical Turbine Pump

Why choose us?Specialised generation Manufactory for Vertical Turbine PumpConcentrate on technological innovation, More than Sector top stageGreat expertise at Domestic and oversea marketCarefully paint  for Good lookMany years of Global services requirements,...

Double Split Stainless Steel Clamp

Merchandise descriptionShaft collar is a easy but crucial mechanical ingredient. It is widely utilised in Power Transmission programs, this sort of as motors and gearboxes. The Shaft collars are utilised as mechanical stops, locating factors, and bearing faces. The...

YAMAHA Marine Outboard Drive Shaft 66t-45501-10-L, 61n-45510-10-L, 66t-45501-11- L

OEM No.: 66K-45501-00-00For YAMAHA outboard 1998-2005 two hundred, 225 HP  SUZUKI57100-93902Shaft Assembly, Generate - L2004-2011 9.nine, 15, ninety nine HPSUZUKI57100-93912Shaft Assembly, Generate - S9.nine, fifteen, 99 HPSUZUKI57110-94401Push Shaft - L40...

Mv. 025.585 Sm52 Pincer Gripper Bar CPL HD Offset Printing Machine Parts

Heidelberg  Offset Printing Machine Parts The full elements quantities are proven below MV.025.585  Pincer Gripper cpl  for SM52 79.580.339 Set of Bearings G2.583.334 Gear OS G2.583.328S Tube cpl G2.583.329 Shaft G2.583.333 Equipment DS52.580.335 Gripper...

Jaw Type Flexible Coupling

Ubet Jaw couplings are designed as three piece comination, like two hubs and a single elastomer created of polyurethane. The cuved jaw suits onto the spider, which minimizes shock to the motor and other delicate products.   Broadly used in numerous mechanical and...

CE ISO Approved Best Quality Tyre for Coupling

CE ISO authorized greatest good quality Tyre for coupling  Higher qaulity tyre couplingone, Materail: GG25two, Area: Black concluded/Phosphated3, Fenner regular F40B~F80Hfour, OEM servicesLarge qaulity tyre couplingMaterail: GG25Black...

Narrow Hub Connection Brake Discs for Sprockets

Ubet Keyless Locking Devices are utilised in rotating machinery, generating clamping stress among floor of locking device and shaft to generate adjustable and releasable mechanical connection, so as to clamp gears, pulleys and other components to a shaft with no...

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