Welded Straight Sidebar Chain WHC131/WRC-131/WHC132 For Heavy Industrial


Welded Straight Sidebar Chain

Quick Detail:
Standard and non-standard available
With high quality and competitive price
Prompt delivery
Packing as per customer’s demand.

Detailed Product Description:
1) Chain NO:WWRC-18,WRC-82,WRC-124,WRC-132,WHC131,WRC-131,WHC132
2) Any special requirements about pin, attachment, and plate can be meet.
3) Color available: natural, yellow, blue, and so on
We are the good Chinese chain manufacturer, and are specializing in various high quality Agricultural Chain. We comply as per customer’s request.


WRC: only pin heat treatment

WHC: heat treatment for all parts

Maintenance of chain
After cleaning the chain, it is essential to add lubricating oil, and ensure that the chain is dry before adding lubricating oil. First, lubricate the parts of the chain bearings and then dry them. This can really lubricate the part of the chain which is easy to wear. Good lubricants start to feel like water and easy to penetrate, but they will become sticky or dry after some time. They will last a long time.
After lubricating oil, use dry cloth to wipe off excess oil on the chain to avoid dirt and dust adhesion. Before reloading the chain, remember to clean the chain to ensure that there is no dirt residue. After chain cleaning, lubricating oil must be placed inside and outside the connecting shaft before assembly.

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