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Geometry Design Properties of Roller Chains

The primary qualities of bush or roller chain as well as sprockets are explained here. The brief pitch chains also as double pitch chains are considered. The chains may have solitary or numerous strands. All properties are defined inside a library of chains.

Roller chain properties

Primary chain properties are based on nationwide standard recommendations. Specific dimension of the chain also defines corresponding proportions for tooth sprockets as they have to interact correctly with the chain.

geometry design properties of roller chains
Roller chain properties
p ttransverse pitch
bmaximum width over bearing pins
b 1minimum width between inner plates
d 1maximum roller diameter
d 2maximum bearing pin body diameter
t 1thickness of inner plates
t 2thickness of outer plates
h 2maximum inner plate depth
h 3maximum outer or intermediate plate depth

Toothed sprocket properties

Sprocket dimensional properties are based on a specific chain size as well as national standard recommendations. Not all properties are described here because of complexity. For more details on exact sprocket dimensions see the corresponding chain standards.

Two types of tooth form are considered:

  • Theoretical tooth form
  • Simplified ISO tooth form

The theoretical tooth form is designed so that the chain rollers ride out towards the tips of the sprocket teeth as the chain wears and elongates. There are many ways how to produce sprocket teeth, and the actual tooth form may not exactly match the theoretical form.

Simplified ISO tooth form is determined by the minimum and maximum tooth gap forms. The actual tooth form, which is provided by cutting or an equivalent method, shall have tooth flanks of a form lying between maximum and minimum flank radii and blending smoothly with the roller seating curve subtending the respective angles. By default the Roller Chain Generator uses minimum tooth gap form recommendations.

geometry design properties of roller chains 1
Geometry Design Properties of Roller Chains 10
geometry design properties of roller chains 2
Geometry Design Properties of Roller Chains 11
geometry design properties of roller chains 11
Geometry Design Properties of Roller Chains 12


pitch diameter


D a

tip diameter


D f

root diameter


d r

maximum bush or roller diameter



number of sprocket teeth



chordal pitch equals to chain pitch


p t

strand transverse pitch



number of strands



seating clearance


r i

roller seating radius


r e

tooth flank radius


roller-seating angle


h a

height of tooth above pitch polygon


b f

tooth width


b a

tooth side relief


b ax f

tooth side relief factor


r x

tooth side radius


r a

shroud fillet radius


b s

minimum shroud width


D s

maximum shroud diameter


h max

maximum plate depth h max = max(h 2 ; h 3 )

Measuring toothed sprocket

Even number of teeth

Odd number of teeth

GUID 574C981D 1250 4243 A895 8EA485FEEBBC


M r = D p + 2 D g – d r

GUID E0F398B5 C66D 40DB A677 C7E2D5F4B5C1

For measuring over pins D g = d r . For direct measuring D g =0.




pitch diameter


D g

measuring pin diameter


M r

measurement over pins or direct measurement



number of sprocket teeth


d r

maximum chain roller diameter

Flat idler

GUID 336A6050 ED08 4790 B786 51084CCC9362

D p = D + d 1

b s = p t (k – 1) + b f


GUID 20BFCC88 2E87 4304 A1B0 1FAB09FCBF0E





pitch diameter



nominal diameter



chain pitch


p t

strand transverse pitch



number of strands


b f

strand width


d 1

maximum chain bush or roller diameter


D s

maximum shroud diameter


b s

minimum shroud width


h max

maximum plate depth h max = max (h2; h3)

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