What is a vacuum pump and its selection and application software program

A vacuum pump is a device or device that USES mechanical, physical, chemical substance or physical-chemical strategies to pump air out of a container to get a vacuum.Generally speaking, vacuum pump is a device that improves, generates and maintains vacuum in a closed space simply by various means.
Regarding to the operating basic principle of vacuum pump, vacuum pump can be divided in to two types, namely gas catch pump and gas transfer pump.It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical substance industry, food, electronic coating and other industries.

Circumstance Of Program:
Although the liquid ring pump belongs to the crude vacuum pump, it still has a big marketplace in China’s petroleum, chemical, electric power, light textile, papermaking, medicine and other fields.Overseas, liquid ring pump sales accounts for 14% of almost all vacuum pump marketplace, second just to dry out pump, due to the water ring pumps are mostly casting, application requirements is not high also, belongs to the labor-intensive products, so the domestic liquid band pump in price competitive benefit, the essential is to improve the style, reduced volume, lose fat, improve efficiency, reduce energy usage.
Because of its durability and reliability, sliding valve pumps are used for front-stage pumps in various vacuum furnaces, film plating devices, drying, soaking and other gear at house and abroad.In order to help to make the local slide valve pump enter the worldwide marketplace, it is necessary to further reduce the vibration noise of the pump, prevent oil injection and oil leakage, and enhance the reliability of the slide valve pump in long lasting procedure.
With the continuous growth of vacuum technology in various application areas, the demand of dc rotary vane pump is increasing.Because this type of pump volume is very very much, application and assembling workload is very big, the cost is very low, so some foreign vacuum manufacturer establish special manufacturing plant in China.Domestic small and medium measured straight league rotary vane pump technically already complete, prices are far cheaper than foreign pump, so home pump has a competitive advantage, the key What is a vacuum pump and its selection and application software program -is certainly to solve the shaft seal leakage and rotary vane textiles and vacuum pump oil performance quality problems, make sure that right league pump in high speed, high temperature performance is usually steady and reliable operation, and to additional enhance the home right league rotary vane pumps besides water vapor ability.
Roots pump
Regarding to the production circumstance of roots pumping systems abroad, several large foreign companies, this kind of because Leybold, Balzers, Alcatell, Edwards and ULVAC, each of which accounts intended for much less than 5% of the global product sales volume of origins pushes. These five companies just account for 20%.At home and overseas nearly every single large or small, high vacuum and vacuum system, in order to shorten the extraction period, increase the production efficiency are equipped with root base pump, so domestic roots pump need to be based about the occupation of the local marketplace to enter the worldwide marketplace about the other hand, also considering the power frequency is 60 hz in some countries and regions, more sure Paul, in the case of raising speed pump long-running reliability.
Home air – cooled immediate – exhaust air roots pump has produced fast progress, and the technology has been adult.Since the pump is equipped with a gas cooler under the exhaust port, some of the cooled gas is returned through the pipe to the pump chamber to cool the rotor, thus balancing the compression heat, the pump can directly drain the atmosphere.In order to meet up with the requirements of different ultimate vacuum levels, this type of pump can be utilized in series. Generally, a gas cooled down immediate exhaust atmosphere root base pump is added in front side of the pump, and the best vacuum reached is definitely an order of size higher than the previous pump.This kind of pump, because there is no working medium in the pump cavity, is actually also a dried out pump.This kind of air-cooled direct exhaust air roots pump and its unit have been tested in petroleum, chemical, plastic, pesticide, turbine rotor dynamic balance, aerospace space simulation and other gadgets for a long time, so it should be popularized and applied in China.
Molecular pump
The molecular pump is utilized to replace the cryogenic pump in many technological occasions in the semiconductor field abroad.
The exhaust time of the molecular pump is much longer than that of the cryogenic pump because the pumping speed of the molecular pump is only one quarter of that of the same caliber cryogenic pump.Overseas in purchase to enhance the pumping quickness, on the admittance side of the molecular pump with a – 130 ℃ ~ 150 ℃ low temperature cool plate, called molecular pump at low temp, drinking water vapor is captured by the plate at low temperatures, the molecular pump aside other gases.This kind of low temperature molecular pump is applied to the vacuum coating equipment, which not only increases the production efficiency but also improves the quality of the film layer.With the quick development of China’s semiconductor industry, film industry and scientific research, molecular pump should be the focus of China’s vacuum pump production industry.First, a complete series of molecular pushes should be built from small to large to match the needs of different occasions.
The foreign dried out pump market is growing, mainly powered by the rapid advancement of semiconductor industry, chemical industry and film industry.In Japan, the semiconductor industry has replaced the oil seal mechanical pump with the dry vacuum pump, and more than 45% of the Western european and American semiconductor industries have changed the oil seal mechanical pump with the dry vacuum pump, greatly enhancing the performance and quality of the items.In order to meet the requirements of different application areas and operating conditions, there are multistage origins vacuum pump, multi-stage claw vacuum pump, mess vacuum pump, vortex vacuum pump, reciprocating piston vacuum pump and turbine oil free vacuum pump.The ultimate pressure is from 10Pa to 10-2pa, and the pumping speed is from 20m3/h to 500m3/h.
Drinking water band pump
Water band vacuum pump (drinking water ring pump) is a kind of crude vacuum pump. The supreme vacuum it can obtain can be 2000~4000Pa, and the series atmosphere ejector can reach 270~670Pa.Water ring pump can also be used as compressor, called water ring compressor, is a low pressure compressor, its pressure range is 1~2 * 105Pa pressure meter.
Water band pumps were originally utilized as self-priming pushes, but have since been utilized in many industrial sectors such as oil, chemicals, equipment, mining, light sector, medicine and food.Water ring pushes are widely utilized in many commercial processes, such while vacuum filtration, vacuum water diversion, vacuum feeding, vacuum evaporation, vacuum focus, vacuum moisture come back and vacuum degassing.As a result of the quick development of vacuum application technology, water ring pump has been paid much attention in the acquisition of crude vacuum.Because the gas compression in water ring pump is isothermal, it can take out inflammable and explosive gas, and also can take out the gas containing dust and drinking water. As a result, the application of water band pump is normally increasing day by day.
As proven in the number, a average quantity of drinking water is installed in the pump body as working liquid.When the impeller rotates clockwise mainly because shown in the figure, the upper inner surface of the water ring is simply in contact with the tip of the blade (in fact, the blade has a particular depth of penetration in the water ring).At this point, a crescent space is formed between the hub of the impeller and the drinking water band, which is divided into several small cavities equal to the quantity of cutting blades by the impeller.If the bottom level of the impeller 0 ° as starting point, so in front of the spinning impeller 180 ° when small cavity volume changes from small to big, and with suction mouth on the face, the gas is inhaled, when the suction at the end of the small cavity is isolated from the rest of inspiratory mouth area;When the impeller continues to rotate, the small cavity decreases from large to small, causing the gas to be compressed.When the small cavity is connected with the wear out port, the gas is discharged away of the pump.
In conclusion, the water ring pump is definitely a adjustable volume vacuum pump due to the transformation of pump chamber volume to achieve the suction, compression and exhaust.
Compared with other types of mechanised vacuum pumping systems, drinking water ring pushes possess the pursuing advantages
The structure is simple, the manufacturing precision is not high, simple to process.
Small structure, high amount of pumps, and generally can be directly connected with the engine, no reduction device.As a result, with a small structural size, we can obtain a sizable amount of exhaust gas and a small area of land.
Compressed gas is usually fundamentally isothermal, that is usually, compressed gas practice temperature shifts very little.
Because presently there is zero metallic friction surface in the pump cavity, right now there is zero need to lubricate the pump, and wear is very small.The sealing between rotating parts and fixed parts can be completed by water seal straight.
Standard suction, steady and reliable work, simple operation, easy maintenance.
Water ring pump also has its disadvantages:
Low efficiency, generally about 30%, better up to 50%.
The vacuum is low, not only because of structural constraints, but also because of the saturation vapor pressure of the working fluid.Using water because operating fluid, the greatest pressure may only reach 2000~4000Pa.Essential oil as working liquid, up to 130Pa.
In a phrase, since the water ring pump gas compression is isothermal, so can be removed inflammable, mind blowing gas.Since generally there is no wear out valve and friction surface area, dust gas, condensable gas and gas-water mixture can be removed.With these outstanding features, it has been widely used in spite of its low efficiency.

Model Selection:
The function of vacuum pump is to remove the gas molecules from the vacuum chamber, reduce the gas pressure in the vacuum chamber and make it reach the required vacuum degree.Generally speaking, now there is a huge range from the atmosphere to the incredibly high vacuum, which has not really been covered simply by a vacuum system.As a result, it is definitely necessary to choose different vacuum system configuration in order to meet the technical specifications, working efficiency and service life requirements of different products and different vacuum sections.In order to achieve optimal configuration, the following points should be taken into consideration when deciding on a vacuum system:
Initial of almost all, the vacuum required for each process must be checked and determined.Because each procedure has its suitable vacuum range, it must be thoroughly studied and determined.
Examine the limit vacuum level of the vacuum pump program upon the basis of identifying the required vacuum degree, since the limit vacuum degree of the system establishes the best working vacuum level of the system.Generally speaking, the limit vacuum of the system is 20% smaller than the working vacuum of the system, and 50% lesser than the limit vacuum of the previous stage pump.
Examine and determine the type and quantity of gas extraction required by the procedure.Because if the kind of gas getting pumped reacts with the water in the pump, the pump system will be contaminated.At the same period, consideration must be given to the determination of the appropriate exhaust time and the amount of gas produced in the practice of extraction.
Check to determine the period required to achieve the required vacuum, the stream resistance and leakage of the vacuum pipe.Consider the removal price required to maintain the vacuum under certain technological conditions after the needed vacuum degree is reached.
H = 2.303 (v/t), lg (p1 / p2)
Among them:
T is the extraction price of vacuum pump (m/s)
Sixth is v is the volume of vacuum chamber (d).
Capital t is the period required to achieve the required vacuum degree (s i9000)
G1 is the preliminary pressure in the container
G2 is the pressure in the container after surroundings extraction
Factors affecting the
It determines the size of the item, the higher the demand for the quantity of air pumped, the much larger the quantity of the product, the higher the electric motor power required.
It can be used to determine the structure of the product, the vacuum is there pressure and overall pressure reading.Absolute pressure indicates that the reading is definitely total value, that is usually, the closer the reading is definitely to ‘0\’, the higher the vacuum degree.But in contrast, gage pressure, the more close to 760 MMH ɡ indicates that the vacuum level is higher, if you requested the complete pressure (vacuum) limit is near to the ‘\ 0’, so as lengthy as the vacuum pump can match the demand.

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