Auto gears

Main Production:
All kinds of automotive gears, driving gears, gears for trucks, gears for cars, gears for heavy-duty trucks and  gears for boats, gear ring, planetary gearboxes, gearboxes for different cars, trucks, boats,  and tractors and so on.
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 40 Shafts 300 driving gears and transmission gears
planetary gears heavy trucks gears 
 gears shafts 1800E gears for truck gearboxes
 gear rings  1800E  gears shafts and so on
sprockets for car and trucks gears for heavy duty trucks
  130 auto gears


SC5J40 gearboxes for car EQ145FH3000- gearboxes SC6J75 gearboxes SC6T53 gearboxes
SC6J36gearboxes SC7S95gearboxes NJ130gearboxes

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